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Some of our more Frequently Asked Questions are:

Why should I select USA Landscape Services over other service providers?

Simply stated, "Strategic Strength, with a Local Commitment."  You have the commitment of a local owner; an owner who cares about  your satisfaction, someone who is committed to their business and committed to their community. The end result is quality, service, value and trust - and that separates us from the rest and has made us number one in Angelina County.

What is the best way for me to contact USA Landscape Services if I have an interest in your services?

You may fill out the form available in this website to receive your free estimate, or just call the office and arrange an appointment.  The number to call is (936) 637-4871.  One of our trained and qualified staff will answer and help you assess your needs quickly and professionally.

What is the next step?

Typically we need to visit with you to better understand your needs and see the property. Do you have a new commercial property that needs parking lot sweeping, lawn maintenance, and sidewalk pressure washing services? Do you currently have a service provider who is not as responsive as you would like? Would you like to adjust your existing level of service to better fit your current needs? These are all things we will discuss with you during the first meeting, along with other details about your property.

Following the meeting we will prepare a proposal that addresses the needs discussed in the first meeting along with options you may wish to consider now or in the future. This proposal is presented at an agreed upon time, meaning no pressure and no disruption of your current service. We understand you have a business to run, or that you need to keep your home looking good all of the time.

Who will I communicate with and see on my property once we become a customer of USA Lanscape Services?

At each scheduled visit you will see our trained, uniformed crew in a well-marked, fully logoed USA Landscape Services vehicle. They will be supervised by a crew leader who will make contact with you or your designated representative during this visit, if you wish.

The USA Landscape Services owner, James will communicate with you regularly or as needed, as well as perform site visits and discussing your property's ever-changing needs over the phone or in person. James and the crews are supported by a local office staff trained to efficiently address all your administrative needs.

Can USA Landscape Services send my invoices by e-mail each month, eliminating paper usage?

Yes. Making it easy for you to do business with us is one of our primary goals. We can generate invoices by e-mail, fax or postal service—whichever is most convenient for you.

Will there be an added cost to walk the property with the owner or a landscape supervisor?

No. In fact, we encourage regular communication (good or bad, to let us know if we are on target) with our clients and do not charge extra for this service.

Do you have the licenses and insurance necessary to meet my requirements?

Yes, USA Landscape Services complies with all federal, state and local requirements necessary to perform the services we offer. James  is licensed in the state of Texas as an irrigator –license number  L0020345. Additionally, we are fully insured and will be happy to provide your company with a copy of our insurance certificate, if needed. If you have any additional needs, they can be addressed prior to the start of our service.

How can I be assured of receiving the good service I need delivered on a consistent basis?

We feel our experience in delivering dependable, quality service to customers just like you since 1992 has prepared us to keep your property looking it’s best all the time. We have employees who have been with our company for many years who train the new employees on our systems and processes, and we have a “hands-on” owner/manager who is engaged and performs quality assurance checks on a regular basis.

We believe in teamwork and have the philosophy of taking care of the customers – internal and external.  We stress communication within the team, the rest of the company, as well as with the customer.  The result? Excellent service delivered consistently, time after time.

How do I know that USA Lanscape Services will accurately and safely apply the products used on my turf and landscape plants?

We are proud to say that we use only EPA-registered products that comply with all state and local requirements. We believe in the responsible use of landscape enhancement products and apply those products only when and where they are needed. We regularly conduct training and hold meetings on the safe and proper use of our equipment and products.

“He brought us to this place and gave us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey; and now I bring the first fruits of the soil that you, Lord, have given me.”

     Deuteronomy 26:9-10
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Client Testimonials
“Any time anyone says my yard looks great, I tell them It’s not my doing, it’s USA Services!  I tell them all things they do for the price, and it is so worth it.  Especially in this heat, I don’t want to get out there and work in my yard!”